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Zep: Long-Term Memory for ‍AI Assistants.

Recall, understand, and extract data from chat histories. Power personalized AI experiences.

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What is Zep? 💬

Zep is a long-term memory service for AI Assistant apps. With Zep, you can provide AI assistants with the ability to recall past conversations, no matter how distant, while also reducing hallucinations, latency, and cost.

Unlike vector databases, Users, Sessions, Memories, and Documents are all first-class citizens in Zep.

  • Set up in 5 minutes

    Install via docker compose or sign up for Zep Cloud

    Quick Start

  • Hybrid Vector Database

    Populate your prompts with relevant documents and chat history

    Vector Store

  • Persist Chat History

    Store chat history, enrich it with metadata, and run semantic search over it

    Chat History

  • Enrich it all

    Embeddings, summaries, named entities, token counts, and more


  • 🖤 Use the tools you love

    Python , TypeScript , LangChain 🦜⛓️, LlamaIndex 🦙, and more


  • Open Source

    Zep is licensed under the Apache Software License and available on GitHub


What you can build with Zep

  1. Chatbot Applications: Zep's chat history storage enables context-aware chatbot applications.
  2. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Applications: Zep's vector store aids in building applications that answer questions based on a document set.
  3. Agent Applications: Zep's document vector store and enriched chat history store can be used as tools by agents, able to look up relevant information and past conversations.
  4. Data Enrichment Applications: Zep's extractors can be used for applications that need to analyze and understand the text data from human/bot conversations.

Quick Start

Zep Cloud Signup