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Fast, scalable building blocks for LLM Apps

Production-grade chat history memory, vector search, data enrichment, and more.

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What is Zep?

Zep is an open source platform for productionizing LLM apps. Go from a prototype built in LangChain or LlamaIndex, or a custom app, to production in minutes without rewriting code.

Unlike vector databases, Users, Sessions, Memories, and Documents are all first-class citizens in Zep.

  • Set up in 5 minutes

    Install via docker compose or sign up for Zep Cloud

    Quick Start

  • Hybrid Vector Database

    Populate your prompts with relevant documents and chat history

    Vector Store

  • Persist Chat History

    Store chat history, enrich it with metadata, and run semantic search over it

    Chat History

  • Enrich it all

    Embeddings, summaries, named entities, token counts, and more


  • 🖤 Use the tools you love

    Python , TypeScript , LangChain 🦜⛓️, LlamaIndex 🦙, and more


  • Open Source

    Zep is licensed under the Apache Software License and available on GitHub


What you can build with Zep

  1. Chatbot Applications: Zep's chat history storage enables context-aware chatbot applications.
  2. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Applications: Zep's vector store aids in building applications that answer questions based on a document set.
  3. Agent Applications: Zep's document vector store and enriched chat history store can be used as tools by agents, able to look up relevant information and past conversations.
  4. Data Enrichment Applications: Zep's extractors can be used for applications that need to analyze and understand the text data from human/bot conversations.

Quick Start

Zep Cloud Signup