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LLM Configuration

Zep uses LLM models for summarization, intent analysis tasks, and embedding texts, and currently supports the OpenAI and Anthropic LLM services, local LLMs with OpenAI compatible APIs, and local embeddings services.

OpenAI Service

OpenAI API Key

Your OpenAI API key should not be stored in the config.yaml file. Instead, it should be stored in the ZEP_OPENAI_API_KEY environment variable.

LLM Model

You may configure which LLM model to use by setting the llm.model config key or ZEP_LLM_MODEL environment variable.

OpenAI OrgID

You may configure which OpenAI OrgID to use by setting the llm.openai_org_id config key or ZEP_LLM_OPENAI_ORG_ID

Azure OpenAI Endpoint


This feature is experimental. Please let us know if it works for you.

Azure OpenAI API support can be enabled by setting the llm.azure_openai_endpoint config key or ZEP_LLM_AZURE_OPENAI_ENDPOINT environment variable.

Your Azure OpenAI API key should be set as described above.

Anthropic Service

Anthropic does not support embeddings

If configuring Zep to use the Anthropic LLM service, you must configure Zep to use the local embeddings service.

To configure Zep to use the Anthropic LLM service:

  1. Set the ZEP_LLM_ANTHROPIC_API_KEY environment variable to your Anthropic API key.
  2. Set the llm.service config key or ZEP_LLM_SERVICE environment variable to anthropic.
  3. Set the llm.model config key or ZEP_LLM_MODEL environment variable to a supported Anthropic model.

Custom OpenAI-compatible API Endpoint

Zep's prompts are not optimized for all LLMs

Your mileage may vary on how well Zep's default summarization and entity extraction prompts work with LLMs other than those explicitly supported.

Zep can can be configured with custom prompts for summarization. See Custom Prompts for more information.

The OpenAI API Endpoint URL can be customized to allow Zep to connect to alternative OpenAI-compatible APIs.